D.P.F. Filter Removal FAQ

How is the DPF Removal done?


To remove the DPF we need to read the original software from vehicle ECU, This is done 90% of the time through the OBD socket via an interface to a laptop. when the original software is backed up we can remove all DPF structures in the software.


Then the software can be programmed to ECU. The DPF can be removed from vehicle, the temperature and pressure sensor can be remove from the exhuast or left in if you want the vehicle to look like stock arrangement.


Now the vehicle will not attempt to regenerate, no black smoke behind. No DPF check light or engine management light on the dash and better MPG!


Will the vehicle pass an MOT test with the DPF Removed?


Yes the DPF is not a requirement for an MOT.


Is the work Guaranteed?


Yes all our work is Guaranteed.


My vehicle is not on your list?


if your vehicle is not on our list please contact us we are always making new developments we may have a solution for your vehicle.


Can the DPF Removal be done as a mobile service?


Yes if you cannot get to our workshop we can offer a mobile service in most areas in theUKa fully qualified vehicle technician with experience of reprogramming vehicle systems will come to you at your convenience and install the DPF Removal software.


Do you supply & fit DPF Removal pipes?


Yes we are currently developing a range of DPF Removal pipes please contact us with your requirements.


Will DPF Removal affect my fuel economy?


Yes you should see an increase in your economy!!


How long does it take to install the software?


Between 1-2 hours is an approximate time but this will vary between vehicles.


Please contact us if you have any other questions not listed here.