Welcome to MOBILE ECU

We offer a mobile ECU Remapping service to just about anywhere in the UK price's from  £160 fully inc.

Your vehicle will be custom tuned with a tuning style that has been fully tested and customized for your vehicle.

We can usually get you booked in the next day for mobile remaps, sometimes even the same day.

We will send out one of our technicians to either your home or work place at a time that suits you, we will work around you so that you have minimum inconvenience.

We don't contract our mobile work out to any other tuning companies, we send our own technicians that work for us.

You will be very happy with the remap that you receive for your vehicle or your money back.

After the technician has remapped your vehicle you will go on a test drive with him and if you don't agree with us that your car is smoother, faster and more responsive then the technician will put your vehicle back to standard and we will only charge you a
traveling fee, but nobody ever wants their vehicle returning to standard after they have felt the difference in drivability.

Please feel free to contact us to book your vehicle in or to discuss any questions that you may have

About us

We only use the latest and most upto date Hardware and software.More


Some of our services at a glance:

  • ECU remapping for cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks and tractors
  • DPF removal and Adblue removal
  • ECU repair
  • Radio de-coding
  • Mobile Phone unlocking,repairs and software upgrade

Our Service